The Statewide Graduate Research Symposium

April 22, 2016

University of Florida – Touchdown Terrace at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

The Statewide Graduate Research Symposium celebrates and recognizes the outstanding scholarly accomplishments of Florida graduate students. This event highlights the importance of graduate education and research and their role in promoting knowledge.


Click the PDF for printable version of the Statewide Graduate Research Symposium Schedule - PDF 

Click the PDF for Program Booklet version and more details for the symposium - PDF

The UF Graduate School would like to congratulate the following exhibitors for their winning presentations:

Arts and Humanities:

First place: Amy Bustin- Florida State University (FSU)

Biological Sciences:

First place: Pritesh Desai- University of Florida (UF)

Second place: Kendra Adams- Florida International University (FIU)


First place: Zachary Collier- University of Florida (UF)

Second Place: Gareth Bryan Wilkinson- Florida State University (FSU)

Second Place: Orhan Simsek- University of South Florida (USF)


First place:  Khurram Soomro- University of Central Florida (UCF)

Second place: Micah McCrary-Dennis- Florida Mechanical & Agricultural University (FAMU)

Health Sciences:

First Place: Joonseok Cho- University of Florida (UF)

Second Place: Danielle Sambo- University of Florida (UF)

Life Sciences:

First place: Abigail Woltering- University of Central Florida (UCF)

Second Place: Makyba Charles- University of Florida (UF)

Social Sciences:

First Place: Stephanie Diez- Florida International University (FIU)

Second Place: Antonina Kulchitskaya- Florida International University (FIU)

For additional information regarding the Symposium please contact Dr. Tyisha Hathorn at