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The Graduate School is rapidly evolving its role in data analysis and reporting functions related to graduate education. The Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) has collected data graduate student data from 2004 and contains graduate student data as far back as 1984. This unit is led by the Associate Director of Data Management, and her team consists of three technical staff, two IT Analyst II and one Application Programmer II. GIMS is a highly effective resource in graduate program management. In recent years, GIMS provides a substantial foundation of reliable and valid information about our programs allowing the publication of standardized profiles of all Ph.D. programs and “dashboard” style summaries of key information sought by applicants. The Graduate School is now positioned to extend the effective use of reports and analysis for increasing enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. This system serves to inform the development of enhanced graduate programs and provide colleges and departments valuable information regarding their graduate programs. Continual enhancements are added to GIMS, a transactional database which houses data on every graduate student at UF from admission, graduate education milestones, and committee members as well as graduate faculty data.

GIMS is used by faculty and staff in their graduate academic units to conduct daily business for graduate students. In addition, this database provides statistical information and response to inquiries from agencies throughout the U.S. Since 1989, we have participated in research projects on doctoral education sponsored by the Associate of American Universities and the Council of Graduate Schools, in cooperation with more than 50 other research universities.  GIMS is a great tool for conducting evaluation and research studies.

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