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The Graduate School exercises general supervision over graduate programs within the University including approving new and revised graduate degree programs and concentrations, the establishment of minimum standards of admission and performance, the recommendation of candidates for graduate degrees to the President, and the encouragement, financial, and other support of graduate study and research where these functions are not otherwise assigned. Requests for new degree programs and changes to degree programs are to be submitted through the University’s Approval Tracking System.

The system is used to transmit the request through each stage of the approval process. All degree program changes and new degree program requests must be uploaded and submitted and all decisions will be communicated through this system. New degree programs must be submitted via the Florida Board of Governors Request to Offer a New Degree Program. This form with its instructions is available for download through the Approval Tracking System. Anyone with a valid Gatorlink username and password can access the Approval Tracking System, however only those with “approver” access will be able to submit decisions. If you need to request or change approver access, you can email

To access the Approval Tracking System click here.

The following categories provide information about specific procedures:

Forms for Developing, Monitoring, Modifying, Suspending and Closing Academic Programs

Forms for Developing, Monitoring, Modifying, Suspending and Closing Academic Programs

Create New Graduate Degree Program/Major/Concentration and/or certificate

Developing a new degree program
Flowchart for new graduate program (PDF file)
Graduate Council
Approval Tracking System
Certificate Policy and Procedures (PDF File)
List of Graduate Certificates
Certificate Transmittal Instructions (PDF File)

Modify existing graduate degree program/major/concentration and/or certificate

Modifying existing degree programs
Flowchart for modification
Graduate Council
Approval Tracking System
All other changes

Terminate existing graduate degree programs

Closure of academic programs
Flowchart for graduate degree program closure
Graduate Council
Approval Tracking System




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