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The University of Florida welcomes international students from more than 130 countries to study on our campus. More than 5000 of UF’s graduate students from across the globe make significant contributions to vital research and teaching in one of more than 250 graduate programs.. These links lead to information you need to become one of them:


Click here to find out what requirements you must meet and what materials you must submit to be admitted to UF as a graduate student.

Finances & Funding

Click here to find out what it costs to go to graduate school at UF, as well as about funding that can help pay for it.

English Language Proficiency

Click here to find out what English-language skill levels UF expects of its graduate students and what resources it offers to help develop spoken and written English skills.

Visa Processing and Pre-Arrival Preparation

Click here to learn more about what steps you must take to get to Gainesville.

Getting to Gainesville and Settling In

Click here to get information on settling down in Gainesville after you arrive.

International Student Resources

Click here for leads to resources for your academic, cultural and social life as a UF graduate student.




Finances & Funding

Student Life & Support



Personnel & Policy