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The Graduate School coordinates a number of orientations resources, which provide a summary of what to expect at the University of Florida, and start your academic and personal life in Gainesville. We are excited that you will be joining the campus community this semester.

• If you are an international student the online orientation called Voyages provides information on visa requirements, housing, banking, local shopping and more.

• If you have questions about student life and related campus organizations to facilitate your transition to UF prior to your arrival to Gainesville, visit the Graduate Online Orientation website.

• If you have questions about the on-campus face-to-face orientation, visit this webpage: New Graduate Student Orientation or see the New Graduate Student Orientation program.

• If you have questions about satisfactory progress, your advisor, and milestones for meeting your program’s academic requirements, your graduate program can provide essential transition and orientation information for you as well.

• If you have additional questions, we have included below a set of common questions that you might have prior to your arrival in Gainesville, and contact information from campus organizations that could be most helpful in your transition to UF.

Congratulations again on your acceptance to UF! We look forward to working with you throughout your graduate career, and hope you have a smooth transition into your graduate program.

Common Questions For Your First Semester

For answers to common questions for your first semester, please click on these helpful links:

General Academic Requirements
Health Insurance
Campus Contacts

Fall 2015 Orientation Materials

Video: Graduate School Welcome
Video: International Student Session
PDF: Staying Well in Graduate School: Tips & Resources
PDF: Navigating Graduate Student Life: Advice From Your Peers
PDF: Library Resources for a Successful Graduate Career
PDF: Getting Involved in Graduate School
PDF: Academic Integrity and Conduct at the University of Florida
Job-Search and Career Resources




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