Conditional Admission

To conditionally admit an applicant, who does not meet UF’s minimum graduate admission requirements, College and Graduate School approval is required before the academic unit can send an offer of admission or financial aid to the applicants. 

The following link provides the requirements for Conditional Admissions

Important: Do NOT send out acceptance letters until the applicant’s E-Referral screen says “Admitted” under “Status.” Until that has happened, no acceptance letters are to be sent and no offers of admission or financial aid are to be made.

Conditional admissions are processed through the Graduate School’s E-Referral screen after the department and college has processed approval.

The Graduate School will send the department and college an e-mail notifying them of approval or disapproval period. Once this action is completed, the department can proceed with sending out an acceptance letter or a denial letter.

Acceptance letters for conditional admission cases must include the admission conditions outlined in the Graduate School e-mails to the department and the college, in addition to any department and college conditions.