Graduate Council

The Graduate Council, chaired by the Dean, is a joint committee of the President and Faculty Senate. The Council establishes general policies and standards of the Graduate School and assists the dean of the Graduate School in the execution of policy related to graduate study and associated research. The Graduate School staff provide support to the council by reviewing and editing all proposals submitted by administrative and/or academic units to ensure they comply with Graduate Council policy.

The Graduate Council consists of twelve members of the Graduate Faculty, a graduate student elected by the Graduate Student Council, and the Dean of the Graduate School. Six of the twelve faculty members of the Graduate Council are elected by the Graduate Faculty for overlapping terms of three years.

The Graduate Council meets every 3rd Thursday, at 1:00 p.m., in 110 Grinter Hall. There is an optional meeting in June and no meetings in July and August.

The following links provide more details information about members, deadlines for agenda items, meeting dates and the Approval System.  

University of Florida Fora: Graduate Council.

Contact Information:

Dr. Nicole Stedman
Associate Provost and Dean
Chair, Graduate Council
UF Graduate School
POB 115500 (101 Grinter Hall)
352 392 6622

Lorna Dishman
Executive Secretary to Associate Vice President and Dean
UF Graduate School
POB 115500 (101 Grinter Hall) 
352 392 7012