Graduate Curriculum Committee

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During the fall and spring semesters of the academic year, the Graduate Curriculum Committee generally meets the second Thursday of each month.  Due to the nature of faculty appointments and general lack of proposal items, the committee is normally not scheduled to meet during the summer semesters. 

Chaired by Senior Associate Dean, the Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) oversees the process for creating new graduate courses and integrating them into the State of Florida’s Common Course Numbering System (SCNS). Composed of six Graduate Faculty members representing various graduate academic disciplines, the GCC assists the Senior Associate Dean in the review of requests for new courses and course modifications. Proposals must be submitted through UF’s Academic Approval Tracking System.

The Academic Approval Tracking System is used to transmit requests for new courses and course changes throughout each stage of the approval process.  All course change proposals and new course requests must be uploaded and submitted using this system. All final decisions will be communicated directly back to the units via the system. Per the request of the Graduate Curriculum Committee members, an updated and current syllabus must accompany all requests for new graduate courses, as well included for most course modifications, especially when requesting updates to the course description, lab code, or credit hours.  Please ensure the syllabus provided meets all UF Syllabus Requirements.  A syllabus with issues and a lack of appropriate consults and signoffs will assuredly delay the approval of the course proposal submitted for review by the committee. 

Contact Information:

Dr. R. Paul Duncan  
Senior Associate Dean  
Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee
UF Graduate School 
POB 115500 (101 Grinter Hall) 
352 392 6622 

Stacy Wallace
Associate Director
UF Graduate School
POB 115500 (133 Grinter Hall) 
352 392 1282