Graduate Faculty Status After UF Employment

When members of your academic unit’s graduate faculty leave UF employment through resignation or termination, you may need to keep them active on your graduate faculty, to help students who are so deep into their research or so close to graduation that making replacements on their supervisory committees would prove disruptive to their ongoing mentoring, academic progress and timely graduation. 

Requests to extend graduate faculty status after UF employment must come from the academic unit that originally granted graduate faculty status. 

Resigned or Terminated Faculty 

Resigned or terminated graduate faculty members can finish out service on existing supervisory committees, but not be assigned to new ones. 

To extend their graduate faculty status after UF employment, please send an e-mail that includes the faculty member’s name, UFID number and an “extend until” date to UF Graduate School at

A follow-up e-mail will update you once your request is processed. 

If, for some extraordinary reason, you need to assign resigned or terminated graduate faculty members to new supervisory committees, you can do one of two things:

  1. For individual students on a case-by-case basis, you can add them to the supervisory committee as a special appointment. Please click on this link to learn more about special appointment policy and procedure: Special Appointment Process
  2. For rare extraordinary cases where you need to put departing graduate faculty on new supervisory committees, you can set up a courtesy appointment for them in the UF Human Resources system. Once you have done so, please e-mail a PDF copy of their PeopleSoft courtesy appointment screen to UF Graduate School at You will receive a confirmation e-mail once graduate faculty status is updated in GIMS (Graduate Information Management System).