Finances & Funding

Graduate Campus Employment

Listed below are on-campus job openings for which colleges, departments, programs and other UF units are seeking graduate students for hire. The minimum requirement for these positions is current enrollment as a UF graduate student.

Travel Funding

Travel to conferences, symposia and special research opportunities is essential to your academic and professional development as a graduate student engaged in research, and there are resources on campus to help you take advantage of it.

Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate Assistantships are available through individual academic units. Stipend rates paid are determined by the employing academic unit. Interested students should ask their academic-unit offices about the availability of assistantships and the procedure for applying.


The UF Graduate School is always looking to work with other academic institutions, government agencies and private foundations to fulfill its mission. The results of these relationships are graduate grant programs, which increase funding, educational and professional opportunites for you as a graduate student at the University of Florida


The University of Florida offers one of the highest quality, most affordable graduate education experiences in the country today. The cost of living in Gainesville is also relatively low, while having much to offer in the way of attractive natural, cultural and recreational amenities — especially compared with larger, more congested urban areas. Check out the current average costs of attendance now on UF Office of Admission website.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for graduate students is available from a number of sources both at the University of Florida itself, as well as from those offered by organizations outside the university that the UF Graduate School alerts you to.

UF Foundation Aid

For a listing of general university scholarships and fellowships that are either endowed or non-endowed please click on the link below:




Finances & Funding

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