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Graduate Assistantships are available through individual academic units. Stipend rates paid are determined by the employing academic unit. Interested students should ask their academic-unit offices about the availability of assistantships and the procedure for applying. Early inquiry is essential to be assured of meeting application deadlines. Appointments are made on the recommendation of the academic unit chair, subject to admission to the Graduate School and to the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School. Initial appointment requires clear evidence of superior ability and promise. Reappointment to assistantships requires evidence of continued good scholarship.

Apply to the appropriate academic unit chair, on or before February 15th of each year, unless otherwise specified.

Fellows, trainees, and graduate assistants must pay appropriate tuition and fees. Fellows receiving stipends of $4,000 or greater per term (prorated for summer) are expected to devote full time to their studies. Students who accept fellowships and traineeship are required to register appropriately. Trainees are also expected to devote full time to their studies. Graduate assistants have part-time teaching or research duties; they are required to register for reduced study loads, according to the schedule for their appointment. Students on appointment are financially liable for excess credits beyond the required registrations. If a student on appointment drops below the required registration at any time in the semester, the student becomes financially liable for the entire registration. To find out what the minimum registration requirements are to hold an assistantship or fellowship, click on this link: Minimum Registration Requirements for Graduate Assistants and Fellows

Graduate School Fellowship Program

The Graduate School Fellowship program (GSF) represents the most prestigious graduate student award available at the University. Funded at nationally competitive levels, these highly desirable awards support students in all programs and departments of the University awarding a Ph.D. or MFA.

To ensure that Graduate School Fellows receive every opportunity to succeed, the GSF will provide at least a full four years of support through a nationally competitive stipend and tuition waiver for qualifying students in PhD programs. The MFA awards are for at least two years for students in MFA programs. Most Graduate School Fellows will receive both research and teaching assignments.

The University expects Graduate School Fellows to demonstrate high standards of academic achievement and active participation in university life. Applicants for the GSF apply through the departments or programs of their major field of study. Successful applicants will have outstanding undergraduate preparation, a strong commitment to their field of study, and demonstrated potential in research and creative activities. For more information on the fellowships available, please contact the graduate coordinator for the degree program of interest. Click on the following links to learn about the guidelines of the GSF program and guidelines for new and returning students on external fellowship support.

Graduate School Fellowship Program Guidelines

Grinter Fellowship

Named in honor of Dr. Linton E. Grinter, Dean of the Graduate School from 1952 to 1969, this fellowship helps recruit truly exceptional graduate students. Currently enrolled graduate students are not eligible, except when entering a Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) program. Stipends are normally $2000 to $4000. Continuing the Grinter Fellowship beyond the first year depends on satisfactory student progress. Students in the Colleges of Engineering and Law are not eligible.

For details, contact the appropriate major academic unit.

Grinter Fellowship Program Guidelines




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