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Catalog year determines the set of academic requirements that must be fulfilled for graduation. Students graduate under the catalog in effect when they first enroll as degree-seeking students at UF provided they maintain continuous enrollment. Students who are unregistered for 2 or more consecutive terms must reapply for admission and will be assigned the catalog in effect when enrollment is resumed. With the approval of their college dean’s office, students may opt to graduate under the requirements of a later catalog, but they must fulfill all graduation requirements from that alternative year. The University will make every reasonable effort to honor the curriculum requirements appropriate to each student’s catalog year. However, courses and programs are sometimes discontinued and requirements may change as a result of curricular review or actions by accrediting associations and other agencies.

Graduate Catalog

The UF Graduate Catalog is the University of Florida’s official record of graduate policies, critical dates, deadlines, course descriptions and faculty members. The past editions are available below in PDF format, which you can view, read and print with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your computer does not already have this program on it, you can download it for free by clicking on this link: Get Adobe Reader.

2009-2010 UF Graduate Catalog (PDF Format)
2008-2009 UF Graduate Catalog (PDF Format)
2007-2008 UF Graduate Catalog (PDF Format)
2006-2007 UF Graduate Catalog (PDF Format)
2005-2006 UF Graduate Catalog (PDF Format)
2004-2005 UF Graduate Catalog (PDF Format)




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