2022 Graduate Student Mentoring Award Winners Chosen

Release Date: April 06 2022

Left to right: Sofia Goodrich, Franjo Ivankovic, Julie Jameson, Lindsay Lloveras, Tredina D. Sheppard, and Natalie J. Worden

The UF Graduate School is proud to announce the winners of its 2022 Graduate Student Mentoring Awards, which honors noteworthy engagement of graduate students in mentoring their peers, undergraduate students, or at the K-12 level:

Sofia Goodrich
Department of Chemistry

Franjo Ivankovic
Department of Psychiatry

Julie Jameson
Department of Chemical Engineering

Lindsay Lloveras
Department of Psychology

Tredina D. Sheppard
School of Teaching and Learning

Natalie J. Worden
College of Veterinary Medicine

These six finalist were chosen from a highly competitive pool of 66 applicants, reviewed by faculty and professionals with experience in mentoring. To read about the winners’ mentoring philosophies, click here: 2022 GSMA Winners.

To learn more about the Graduate Student Mentoring Award, click here: GSMA.