BOE 2022 in Full Swing at the UF Graduate School!

Release Date: June 29 2022

Six of 2022’s 14 BOE Fellows — all smiles and raring to go!

BOE 2022 — the Board of Education Summer Fellowship — is in full swing at the University of Florida Graduate School, under the direction of its Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives (OGDI).

Established in 1979, this six-week program orients and acclimates new Ph.D. students from underrepresented backgrounds to the UF campus and the surrounding Gainesville area, easing their transition into the next stage of their graduate education.

This year’s cohort of 14 BOE Fellows represents a diverse array of points of origin, life experiences, alma maters, academic majors, research goals, and personal interests.

From June 22 through August 5, the cohort will undergo six weeks of Academic Writing and Statistics classes, research seminars, professional development workshops, team-building activities, and social events under two special guest instructors and two graduate student peer advisors, with the support of OGDI staff. Participants receive a $1,500 stipend and enroll in four credits of coursework in their degree programs.

The goal of the BOE program is to familiarize fellows with their new learning and living environment, hone knowledge and skills required for doctoral study, and build supportive networks that nurture scholarly and personal growth.

For more information about BOE, click this link: BOE Program.