Honoring Excellence: UF’s Graduate Student Teaching Awards 2022

Release Date: May 09 2022

The 2022 Graduate Student Teaching Awards winners and selection committee members

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the University of Florida Graduate School hosted this year’s Graduate Student Teaching Awards (GSTA) at 3:30 p.m. in the University Auditorium’s Friends of Music Room to honor graduate students who demonstrated exceptional performance in the classroom as instructors and teaching assistants:

Pearis Bellamy (Psychology)
Recep Celebri (Mathematics)
Savannah Gramze (Astronomy)
Joseph Hoft (Sociology and Criminology & Law)
Haley Johnson (Theatre and Dance)
Lindsay Lloveras (Psychology)
Nicolas Macaluso (Chemical Engineering)
Ioannis Michaloliakos (Physics)
Cristovão Nwachukwu (English)
Emily Pappo (Natural Resources and Environment)
Anthony Smith (Classics)
Ar’Darius Stewart (Theatre and Dance)
Nathaniel Strauss (Physics)
Nieves Villaseñor III (Music)
Anita Walsh (Economics)
Lauren Weisberg (Teaching and Learning)
LingQin Xue (Physics)

Also honored were this year’s winners of the Calvin A. VanderWerf Awards:

Leandra Merz (Geography)
Hank Samuels (Teaching and Learning)

At the awards presentation, UF Provost Joseph Glover, UF Graduate School Dean Nicole Stedman, and GSTA Selection Committee Chair Connie Shehan (UF Sociology and Women’s Studies) offered welcoming remarks, after which Dr. Shehan presented the awards.

In addition to Shehan, this year’s GSTA selection committee included chair Sharon DiFino (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences), Julie E. Dodd (Journalism), Ifigeneia Ginnadaki (Classics), Martin Gundersen Jr. (Architecture), Valeria Kleiman (Chemistry), Sujata Krisha (Physics), Gillian Lord (Spanish and Portuguese Studies), Jon Reiskind (Biology), Lynn E. Sollenberger (Agronomy), Bradley Walters (Architecture), and Lorna Dishman (Graduate School).

For more information on the Graduate Student Teaching Awards, click this link: Graduate Student Teaching Awards.