Spring 2022 Message from UF Graduate School Dean Nicole Stedman

Release Date: January 05 2022

Dear Students, Faculty, Administrators, and Staff,

“Welcome” and “welcome back” back are both in order at the moment!

Welcome to all of you who are joining our graduate student body and faculty as new arrivals this Spring Semester!

And welcome back to all of you who are returning from what was hopefully a relaxing and reenergizing winter break!

The new year and new semester before us are full of fresh possibilities, albeit amid a world still very much in crisis.

That word “crisis,” however, comes from a Greek root that simply means “decision.” A crisis is an opportunity that challenges us to make decisions that lead to changes in direction and outcomes. And decisions are best made on the basis of investigation, information, and insight — three things that are the very foundation, aim, and goal of graduate education!

Please bear that in mind as you get back to work in your classrooms, laboratories, and other venues of teaching, learning, and research. All your efforts there have the potential for impact far beyond personal growth or career advancement. They bear seeds that can cultivate a healthier, more humane world. As Marian Wright Edelman (lawyer, activist, and Children’s Defense Fund founder) said, “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”

And as we resume our common pursuit of graduate education, please do take good care of yourselves and each other. Make a priority of practicing both healthful self-care and good-neighborly consideration for others. Never forget: we’re all in this together!

Finally, remember that the Graduate School is here for you! Learn more about our programs, services, and resources on our website: graduateschool.ufl.edu. Visit us at our home base: 106 Grinter Hall. Or get in touch with us at 352 392 6622 or gradschool@aa.ufl.edu.

All the best to all of you during Spring Semester and throughout 2022!

Go Gators!

Nicole L.P. Stedman, Ph.D.
Dean and Associate Provost
The Graduate School
University of Florida