UF Triple P Scholar Yveline Saint Louis Advances to PhD Program

Release Date: March 14 2022

UF Triple P scholar Yveline Saint Louis

University of Florida undergraduate student and Triple P scholar Yveline Saint Louis is moving on this spring from her UF baccalaureate program to doctoral studies at the University of Washington Seattle, in its Department of Anthropology’s Sociocultural Graduate Program.

Saint Louis was a participant in the UF Graduate School’s Triple P (PhD Preparatory Project in the Social and Behavioral Sciences) Program, coordinated by its Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives (OGDI) to offer undergraduate students underrepresented in the social and behavioral sciences opportunity to engage in mentored research and scholarly conferences as groundwork for future pursuit of a PhD degree.

An anthropology and medical geography major participating in the Triple P Program, Saint Louis did research on adolescent substance abuse in the UF Department of Epidemiology and on topics ranging from women’s health to malaria in the UF Department of Anthropology. As a Triple P scholar, she presented at the 2021 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference and the 2021 National Conferences on Undergraduate Research. A current UF University Scholars Program awardee, the UF Center for Undergraduate Research funded her to conduct independent research. She is a member of the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society and a Thompson Earth Systems Institute Environmental Leaders Fellow — a yearlong fellowship with the Florida Museum of Natural History, funded by the Henry David Thoreau Foundation, that offers UF undergraduates from many different majors opportunity to gain experience in environmental research, education and outreach, and civic engagement. In addition, she has served as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the UF Center for Undergraduate Research.

“The Triple P program was a safe space for me, and the support and community aspect of the program was by far the most helpful,” Saint Louis said of her experience in the program. “Over the past two years I’ve noticed so much growth in terms of my research skills as a student, and I can attribute that to the structure of the program and the fact that they push us out of our comfort zone. Freshman year I would’ve never imagined that I’d be so comfortable presenting my research at the state and national level! On a more personal level, though, it felt so validating as a Black woman to have mentors who look like me, and it really helped soothe my imposter syndrome. There are so many barriers that make it harder for students of color to pursue research and eventually get to graduate school, so having that community at Triple P affirmed that I am more than good enough and that I deserve to be where I am.”

The skills, know-how, and insight Saint Louis gained as a UF Triple P scholar and avid undergraduate researcher have primed her for future doctoral studies elsewhere, spreading the impact of UF’s tradition of excellence to new educational institutions and professional opportunities.

To learn more about the Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives (OGDI) at the UF Graduate School, and what it does to foster diversity and inclusion in the graduate education experience on campus, click here: Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives (OGDI).