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Graduate coordinators are key to accomplishing the Graduate School’s mission of educating graduate students and fostering research at the University of Florida. As a graduate coordinator, your role may vary by academic unit. The information, resources and forms listed below are here to help you advise students, oversee the total program, and ensure compliance with all university regulations. They will supply you with what you need to know about UF policies and procedures to help students, instructors and researchers while making your own work go as smoothly and productively as possible. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, which do so much to make UF what it is.

Tools for Graduate Coordinators

Graduate Catalog

Graduate Information Management System (GIMS)

Use this convenient and easy-to-use automated tool to keep graduate student and graduate faculty records accurate and up-to-date online. Access to GIMS is limited to UF employees whose job responsibilities require direct access to graduate student and graduate faculty records. To request access, please see your supervisor, who will submit a request via GIMS.

Graduate Student Financial Support
Graduate School Fellowship Guidelines
Graduate School Tracking Program Guidelines (PDF File)
National Science Foundation Guidelines
National Science Foundation Letter to Departments

Graduate Degree Programs
Find what you need to know about the process for creating new graduate degree programs, and modifying or ending existing ones.

International Center

Graduate Contacts Across Campus

Listservs and Listserv Archives
Listserv: Graduate Coordinators
Listserv: Graduate Staff
Listserv: Graduate Students

Find the forms that you need to transact business with the Graduate School.


Training for Graduate Coordinators

Coordinator and Staff Orientation

UF Training and Organizational Development
Find out about several sessions that are offered that related to graduate education, including Pro3 selections, academic personnel, and international students

Graduate School Tracking Program How To’s

Recruiting New Students

Recruiting new minority students
Recruiting new international students
Processing Fulbright Award packages

Admitting new students

Admissions policies
English Language Skills
Admissions process
Office of Admissions
Conditional and ELI Conditional Admission Processes
Timelines for OGMP programs
Letter of appointment for graduate assistants
Admission with funding
Graduate School Fellowship Guidelines
Old and New GRE Scoring Concordance

Current students

Resources for students
Degree Program Requirements
Medical Withdrawal

Program of Study

Nontraditional Programs
Learn about the various kinds of non-traditional programs offered at the graduate level: concurrent degrees, joint degrees and nontraditional doctoral/master’s degrees.

Concurrent Degree Program Form
Use this form to admit a UF student already in another graduate program into your graduate program, so he/she can pursue both degrees at the same time.

Nontraditional Doctoral/Master’s Degree Program Form
Use this form to set up and approve a study program for a UF doctoral student who wants to earn a master’s degree outside of his/her doctoral department at the same time.

Traveling Scholar Form
Use this form if you have a student who wants to participate in the UF Traveling Scholar Program as a UF graduate student attending an institution of higher learning elsewhere, either within the Florida State University System or outside of the Florida State University System – but within the United States.

Transfer of Credit policies and procedures

Masters degrees
Specialist degrees
PhD/EdD degrees

International Students

International Center (UFIC)
Final Missing International Credential Hold Petition
Registration requirements for FTE appointments


Academic Calendar

Student Finances
Learn about the various programs managed by the Office of Graduate Minority Programs and their funding deadlines

Excel: UF Graduate School Newsletter
Learn about the newsletter published by the Graduate School for, by and about UF Graduate Students.

Graduating current students

Degree application
Degree certification
Job placement system
Through the job placement website in GIMS, enter the employment data about your PhD graduates. Identify the position that each PhD graduate holds (post-doc, faculty, non-academic) and fill in as much information as you have for each of your graduates.

Working with Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty Status Appointment Form

The form to get graduate faculty status for a current UF faculty member is now inside GIMS as part of an online process. Please log in to GIMS and click on “Faculty Appointment” on the main menu.

Special Supervisory Committee Appointment Form

The form to add someone who does not have UF graduate faculty status on a student’s supervisory (thesis or dissertation) committee is now inside GIMS as part of an online process. Please log into GIMS and bring up the student’s degree program record. Click on the “Graduate School Forms” button at the bottom of the screen, then select “Special Appointment Form” on the next screen that appears.

Use this form to put someone who does not have UF graduate faculty status on a student’s supervisory (thesis or dissertation) committee.

Retired or Former Faculty

Graduate faculty members who retire or leave service at the University of Florida may continue their service on supervisory committees for one year. Faculty who wish to continue serving on existing or new committees beyond this period may do so with academic unit and Graduate School approval. For such an extension, please e-mail a request with the faculty member’s name and UFID number, along with the date your unit wants his/her graduate faculty status extended to, to The Graduate School will notify your unit when the change has been input into GIMS.




Finances & Funding

Student Life & Support



Personnel & Policy