Prospective Students

The mission of graduate education at the University of Florida is to produce individuals with advanced knowledge in their fields, who are constant learners, and who are prepared to creatively address issues of significance to the local and global community for improving the quality of life. The Graduate School is a distinct organizational entity, which is mandated by the University of Florida Constitution. It achieves this mission by providing administrative and other services to assist the graduate students, programs, colleges, and graduate faculty, who are involved in graduate education. The university has over 12,000 graduate students, about 2,803 graduate faculty, and over 600 employees working with graduate education spread over 16 colleges and other interdisciplinary units, three centers, and over 100 departments and schools. There are 770 graduate degree programs that are comprised of combinations of 139 majors and 159 concentrations.

Students are the lifeblood of the UF Graduate School. Your successful academic and personal growth through education and research at the University of Florida is its mission and priority. As a prospective student, click on the items on the menu below to find out about UF’s learning environment, graduate degree programs, funding opportunities, and to request information.