UF/SFC Development Project

The UF/SFC Development Project is a partnership between the University of Florida and local Santa Fe College that aims to increase faculty diversity at SFC, while providing minority and underrepresented doctoral students at UF with valuable teaching experience. Participants teach two courses per year at SFC and assist in its recruitment and retention of minority and underrepresented students. This program pays tuition, fees and a stipend ($13,000) for a maximum of four years. Participants must have a master’s degree in an approved field and have passed their qualifying exams. The application deadline for this program falls in the spring of each year. To be considered for this award you must complete the UF/SFC Development Project application and the Santa Fe College Employment application and submit them to the Office of Graduate Minority Programs.

Santa Fe College Employment Application Process:  All applicants must submit a Santa Fe application, a letter of interest, updated resume, three current letters of recommendation that speak to the applicant’s teaching experience or potential for same, and official transcripts of all college work. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted for review purposes only. Candidates should be aware that official transcripts will be required prior to any offer of employment.  A background check will be conducted.

UF/SFC Development Project Application Process: UF/SFC Application 2017/2018

For more information, e-mail the UF Office of Graduate Minority Programs at ogmp@ufl.edu.

The UF/SFC Development Project application deadline is May 1, 2017 by 5 p.m.